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Sierra Pacific Farms, Inc. (SPF, Inc.) realizes your particular financial objectives may dictate pursuing grove management services at varied levels of risk. To accomodate this need, we offer two farming programs that may be customized to suit your objectives:

Regular Monthly Management:
This program has been the service-of-choice for many growers who desire a more hands-on-approach to the care of their grove. You select your desired level of participation in the development and management of your grove, and we develop the program and budget to meet those objectives and grove needs. At the same time, we carefully analyze the situation and make recommendations as required. In most cases, we do the irrigation, maintain the grove, handle the harvesting, and hauling of the fruit with you receiving all the income and handling expenses.

You will receive a monthly invoice for our management services. Our monthly invoice will include a comprehensive accounting of all management expenses.

Divide by Twelve Management:
Under this arrangement, SPF, Inc. devises an annual operation's budget. With the growers' acceptance it is then divided by twelve and presented as a monthly bill. This option is particularly popular for those who want a fixed cost.

It's an excellent choice for many but particularly first time growers. It allows you to take less risk while gaining valuable insight into the business.

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