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Harvesting is a crucial activity for the profitability in farming. Picking the correct sizes and at the correct time are crucial to the best return on your investment. It is truly one of the very unique parts of being a Sierra Pacific customer. We have a very qualified harvesting department and before any harvesting contractor is considered as a worthy vendor for Sierra Pacific Farms, they must meet the following criteria:

  1. We make certain the contractor has a liability insurance policy that is in full effect and has the correct amount and type of coverage. This is done and verified before we even allow them to walk on your grove.
  2. They must supply us with paperwork on all of their employees making sure they are legal.
  3. We also make sure they have the correct licenses before they even step on your grove.

A labor contractor missing even one of these items puts all the liability for an accident on your property to you. It is very important to understand that if you hire a contractor yourself; you, according to the State of California, become an employer.

By having Sierra Pacific Farms handle your harvesting needs, not only do we come with the best contractors, our corporate shield also provides you an additional layer of protection.

With our harvesters, comes the ability to harvest fast and furiously. If we find a market to be going up in a particular week, we can easily go from 4 to 20 workers within a matter of a couple days. We pride ourselves on getting it done and getting it done fast and clean. We require all our farm labor contractors to provide trash cans and professional toilets at each grove.

We also have a most unique situation in the industry with Larry Weaver, our VP of Marketing in charge of harvesting. Larry is contacted from all the major players in the industry such as Calavo, West Pak, Mission and Del Rey about getting fruit. Prices are e-mailed to him on a daily basis and with that information he can help you make an educated decision based on your needs. His eyes and estimating abilities are the best in the industry; no other farm management company does this. We start out with an estimate at the beginning of the season, around September October, and update as we go giving you the information you need to make the most profitable picking decisions.

Although, we can provide you with all kinds of harvesting reports, we are currently hard at work at trying to make a password protected place for you to log in and get current information on the harvest of your crop. With Sierra Pacific Farms you get a full service manager, from the start to finish in the life of an avocado!

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