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If you are interested in buying an existing grove, bare land to develop or an existing grove that needs to be overhauled, Sierra Pacific Farms, Inc can help you! We will come out and do an overall analysis of the property. All we need is the APN # and we can take a look from the prospective of our 30 years of experience in the avocado and citrus industries.

This is a must of anyone purchasing a new investment property, existing or otherwise. The crucial items you should know from the seller is a current tree count and at least 3 years of production records, if applicable. We do an evaluation based on the topography of the property, production, water evaluation, and any management procedures that may be required for that particular ranch. We also have a very unique redevelopment pruning program for very large and old trees that has proven very successful in turning older, overgrown groves into shorter, more manageable, better producing ones.

For an evaluation contact us today!

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