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Sierra Pacific Farms, Inc. began doing business on December 19th, 1988, but that is not where the story begins! Back in the early 70's, the land on the west side of Temecula was being developed by Kaiser Aetna into avocado groves. This is when Scott McIntyre had his first look at the Temecula area as a side kick to his dad's business pursuits. When Scott graduated from Fresno State University in 1980, his first job brought him back to Temecula. After working with a Temecula farm management firm for a few years, he realized that his dad's farm management company should have a unit there, so he opened Pro Ag's Temecula office in 1984. His first hires were Hector Sanchez and Larry Weaver, both of whom are still on board today. Together they worked to build a clientele, and more importantly, to focus on being the best not the biggest. In 1988 Pro Ag decided to consolidate business ventures to the Central Valley and Ventura counties; They offered Scott the unit in Temecula and Sierra Pacific Farms, Inc. was born. Here is a little background on each of our farming managers.

Scott McIntyre: CEO
Scott holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Agriculture Business from Fresno State. He worked 2 years for Agrispect, Inc., 2 1/2 years for Pro Ag, Inc., and then went out on his own to start Sierra Pacific Farms which has been in business over 20 years!

Scott has served 13 years on the California Avocado Commission, with 3 of those as Chairman and 5 years as Vice Chairman. He also served 2 years on the National Hass Avocado Board.

Ryan Rochefort: Vice President of Cultural
Ryan is grower relations and hands on farming. His vast experience in the hands on field operations makes him probably one of the best farmers in Southern California

Currently Sierra Pacific Farms, Inc. has many years of farming experience on board, but the main success of the company has more behind it than that. We pride ourselves on staying true to old farming practices that continue to work, but always on the lookout for new technology to help us increase the profitability of our growers. We have developed many of our own independent research projects such as studies on bee activity and the truth about pollination, as well as investing in a sophisticated soil probe system to watch how a tree takes a drink of water, so we can learn to use our precious and expensive resource in the most efficient way possible. We also believe so deeply in our industry, that we have invested in it as well by owning avocado and citrus acreage.

Sierra Pacific Farms Incorporated Official Logo P.O. Box 1537
Temecula, CA 92593
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Email: info@spfarms.com
Sommis Pacific Agricultural Management